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In our Gemmotherapy pet clinic, we use these solutions to effectively treat many different conditions:

Anti-inflammatory - Black Currant

Osteoporosis - Giant Redwood

Asthma - Lithy Tree

Infection - European Walnut

Heart - English Hawthorn

Colitis, Gastritis - Fig Tree

... and the list goes on and on!



Gemmotherapy for pets, like Gemmotherapy for people, uses plant buds and rootlet extracts, freshly harvested from the growing plants. This natural treatment for animals makes it possible to obtain a more active medication without a need for large doses. It has been extensively researched in Europe through chemical analysis, study of pharmacological properties, and clinical experimentation.

Each Gemmotherapy solution is capable of improving many different conditions, and our South San Diego veterinary clinic has had success in a variety of situations. When taken in prescribed dosages and combinations, pet Gemmotherapy techniques can be effective in altering toxic states within the body. You will see an accompanying increase in well-being and have the peace of mind of knowing that your animal is being cared for in a holistic, integrative manner.

Gemmo means the "bud" of trees and plants, and "therapy," from ancient Greek, means medical treatment and healing. In Gemmotherapy for animals, the extracts of the buds and rootlets extracts contain more than just a composite of vitamins and minerals. These precious healing extracts contain the essence of life; from that tiny bud can grow a giant redwood or a mighty oak.

When the buds and embryonic plant tissues are harvested, they are soaked in a mixture of glycerin and alcohol, in a ratio where the basic medium corresponds to 1/20 of the dry weight of fresh plants used. After three weeks, the macerate is filtered and diluted to 1/10* with a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin. This 1 /10th solution, Hahnemann's First Decimal, is the medicinal form of Gemmotherapy remedies. Concentrations stronger than IX or 1DH risk causing some intolerance phenomena for your pet.

Gemmotherapy treatments are relatively new to the world of veterinary medicine, so we are happy to explain how they work and why they might be the right choice for you and your pet. We will show you books in our office and can point you to additional research online. We provide herbs on the spot for our furry friends, and can send you home with additional remedies right away -- there's no need to stop at the big box pet store or wait for online orders.

Integrated Wellness for Animals

If you need wellness solutions for your pet that go beyond traditional Western medicine, know that solutions are out there. Call our clinic on Coronado Avenue in San Diego's South Bay to set an appointment or to ask questions. We can be reached at (619) 423-7121.