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At South San Diego Veterinary Hospital, we incorporate homeopathic remedies as the need arises. For example, we often use a remedy called arnica after surgery, as it is purported to help control bruising and bleeding. We often use these remedies in conjunction with other treatment methods. We try to fit the treatment to your pet’s specific needs.

Pet Homeopathy

Animal homeopathic therapy has its origins in a theory of healing proposed by German physician Samual Hahnemann in the nineteenth century. His idea was to match a remedy to the patient’s collection of symptoms, on the premise that “like cures like.” Homeopathic practitioners use substances that, in large amounts, would cause a patient’s symptomatic complaints. These substances are then diluted in a prescribed manner until the substance itself is gone entirely.

Homeopathic theory surmises that more dilution strengthens the potency of the final product. Remedies are supposed to be stored away from strong odors (such as perfumes and essential oils) and not touched until they are about to be used.

You care about safe, effective medical care for yourself and your family, and we know your pets are part of that family. If you want to learn about how homeopathic care could benefit your pet, give us a call. We will help you understand every treatment, and we keep a library of homeopathic literature at our fingertips.

We would love to schedule an appointment and get to know you and your furry friend in person. New patients may be eligible for $10 off their first visit!