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Looking to Microchip Your Dog in San Diego? Call 619-423-7121 today!

For a minimal one-time fee, you can make sure that if your beloved pet every goes missing, it can be definitively identified by having a microchip implanted under its skin. A small glass cylinder about the size of a grain of rice, the microchip is injected the same as a vaccination and emits a low-level radio transmission that communicates your dog’s electronic ID number when scanned. When properly registered, this allows the animal to be positively identified and the owners contacted, eliminating the frustration of owners and unnecessary suffering of pets.


Quick Info for You

Get your pet micro chipped at South San Diego Vet.Why should you microchip your dog if he already has a collar?

Your dog may slip out of its collar and that is the reason he has gone missing. Or, after running away, the collar or tags may become lost or dislodged and are no longer useful. Further, with time, wear and tear and the elements, the writing on the tags may become illegible. Having a microchip backup to rely on is a safe, easy and pain-free way to find your pet in the unfortunate event he should ever go missing.

What Kind of Pet Animal Microchip Services Does South San Diego Vet Offer?

At South San Diego Vet, we know that you love your pet like family. That’s why we offer reasonably priced and painless microchipping that will leave your pet prepared in the event that he should go missing. Having a microchip is a great way to ensure that when your pet is found, he isn’t lingering unsafely in shelters and kennels while waiting for you to find him. Know that your pet can be securely and positively identified when he goes missing. Call South San Diego Vet today at 619-423-7121 to get your beloved animal microchipped for safety!


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